DAF Festival

DAF Festival

Feedbacker IV (fr)

Installation pour huit guitares, huit amplis et un ordinateur.

Yann Hagimont is a French musician and sound artist who released many records in extreme music field since 2000. He works with bands like HABSYLL (drone/no-doom – Conspiracy Records), « O » (experimental – Antenna records – UK), The Fantastikol Hole (grindciore – Basement Apes industries), IHAN (glitch – Mille Plateaux), or COBER ORD (post-industrial – Phages Tapes) and realises sound installations for art places (famous French festival « Mai numérique », Carcassonne; Centre Européen de Conques; Midem,Grèce; MEM Fest, Bilbao; CIRPAC, France…).

Yann Hagimont is also invloved in contemporary art world as manager assistant in Caza d’oro, an art ist residency in France (Gary Hill, Jan Fabre, Miguekl Barcelo…)