Lost Illusions

Andrew O’Connor

Under the moonlit trees

Lost Illusions is a sculptural, video installation about the experience of walking through moonlit trees under midnight skies. The work echoes an ethereal experience of natural landscapes that reflects a feeling of meditative transcendence through shadow, light, movement, and form. I was born and raised in the suburbs of east Hamilton mountain. I didn’t spend most days playing in the woods or wading in a river. However, my sensibilities are deeply rooted and rejuvenated in nature whenever I experience it. Most people probably share a similar sentiment, and this work aims to transport viewers to their own personal memories of nature. The inter-mixing of the silk screen paintings, video, and spilled illuminations arose from an interest in including the passage of time in painting. My explorations lead me to consider the three-dimensional qualities of the screens, such as the size, form, and volume. Moreover, the physical interactions between the projected light and the tactile layering of the silk screen paintings have coalesced to elicit a meditative natural environment.
The imagery of the silk screen paintings originated as sketches of trees and plants while hiking Hamilton’s conservation trails. The sketches were then curated and digitally processed as stencils for screen-printing, followed by an additive layering of paint.
Lost Illusions was made possible with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Media Artist Creation Project Grant (Emerging).


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