Night of Storm

ǽfv | éliane blaise

Éliane Blaise works with images~dreams~languages, from the nature, landscapes and inner-scape, in subtle state times or elsewhere in trying to approach, to create sound compositions, Installations artworks and live performances. Having grow-up in Field Recording and, with electro-acoustics, her practice is like a perpetual post-modern and sensitive exploration accompanied, now, by her Cello.

Discreet interpreter, apart from her own practice, she accompaning some other artists in bands, spoken-words artists, writters, dancers on stage and, directors (as media-composer), with a slight gap between outside her solo project knows as “ǽƒv” (cello | voice | electronic) where things fade like a music from a movie however, not existing.

For this edition of the DAF Festival, her proposes a Sound Installation in a close relation to a terrible storm that hit Paris (France) five years ago, chanted by intimate slow moments… whispers and other…